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    • Mucoralean fungi present in soil from arid regions in South Africa 

      Seabi, Buti Oscar (University of the Free State, 1999-11)
      English: The aim of the first part of the study was to investigate the ecological niche of mucoralean fungi in arid soil, with specific reference to the position these fungi occupy in the biogeochemical cycle of nitrogen. ...
    • MUDGE, Dirk Frederik Inventory of documents 

      MUDGE, Dirk Frederik (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of D.F. Mudge, member of the Legislative Assembly SWA [1961-1980]; Chairman of the Ministers Council [1980-1983]; Minister of Finance in the Government of National Unity in SWA; Chairman of the DTA [Democratic ...
    • Muehlenbeckia axillaris 

      Boshoff, Willem
    • MUELLER, S Inventory of documents 

      MUELLER, S (ARCA, 2018)
      Commander of a special platoon, which was established in the former Belgian Congo during 1964 ; The people were white mercenaries from South Africa ; Articles about White mercenaries in Katanga , Congo and Biafra and paper "War"
    • Muiria hortenseae 

      Boshoff, Willem
    • MULLER, Hilgard Inventory of documents 

      MULLER, Hilgard (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of H. Muller, National Party MP Pretoria East [1958-1961], Beaufort West [1964-1977], Minister of Foreign Affairs [1964-1977].
    • MULLER, Stefanus Lourens Inventory of documents 

      MULLER, Stefanus Lourens (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of S.L. Muller, National Party MPC Ceres [1956-1961]; MP Ceres [1961-1979]; Deputy Minister of Justice [1966]; Police [1966-1968]; Finance [1966-1968]; Economic Affairs [1966-1968]; Minister of Interior ...
    • A multi-wavelength study of super soft X-ray sources in the Magellanic Clouds 

      Odendaal, Alida (University of the Free State, 2012-02)
      English: Supersoft X-ray Sources (SSS) form Cl, highly luminous class of objects that emit more Than ~ 90% of their energy in the supersoft X-ray band, i.e. below 0.5 keV. They are generally believed to consist of a white ...
    • Multiculturalism(s)? A critical appraisal 

      Van der Merwe, Willie (University of the Free State, 2003)
      English: Various normative stances or responses in respect of multiculturalism are distinguished and briefly evaluated. The article focuses on what can be called “mosaic multiculturalism” — a multicultural condition (and ...
    • Multimodality and children’s participation in classrooms: instances of research 

      Newfield, Denise (Faculty of Education, University of the Free State, 2011)
      This paper describes how language and literacy classrooms became more participatory, agentive spaces through addressing a central issue in teaching and learning: the forms of representation through which children make their ...
    • Multimodality in science education as productive pedagogy in a PGCE programme 

      Edwards, Nazeem (Faculty of Education, University of the Free State, 2015)
      Initial teacher education programmes such as the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in South Africa are undergoing significant changes with the introduction of a new policy regime. This paper briefly outlines ...
    • Multiple chromisms associated with dithizone 

      Ntoi, Lumanyano L. A. (University of the Free State, 2016)
      Ever since discovery of the intensely colored dithizone ligand, H2Dz, in the late 1800s it had been used extensively in aqueous solution trace metal analyses. However, hardly any effort had gone into developing the ...
    • Multiple cultures in the workplace 

      Ghyoot, V. G. (University of the Free State, 2000)
      English: South Africa and the African continent at large host a diversity of cultures that must be accommodated by business as customers, workers or associates. South Africa's recent re-acceptance into the international ...
    • Multiple femininities in a'single sex'school: re-orienting Life Orientation to learner lifeworlds 

      Mthatyana, Andisiwe; Vincent, Louise (Faculty of Education, University of the Free State, 2015)
      Life Orientation sexuality education in South Africa faces many pedagogical challenges, not least among which is that it is sometimes perceived as irrelevant to learners’ real interests and concerns. Learners report that ...
    • Multiple footprint indicator assessment: implications on consumer preferences and welfare 

      Owusu-Sekyere, Enough (University of the Free State, 2017-11)
      Assessments of multiple environmental footprint sustainability indicators, such as water and carbon footprints, are regarded as cornerstones in achieving the world’s sustainability goals and the reduction of the freshwater ...
    • Multiple marriages, burial rights and the role of lobolo at the dissolution of the marriage 

      Jansen, R-M. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2003)
      English: This paper highlights three aspects which have an impact on both customary and common law that came to the fore in the Thembisile case. An evaluation of the way in which the court dealt with the different aspects ...
    • Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer in goats 

      Lehloenya, Khoboso Christina (University of the Free State, 2008-02)
      Abstract not available
    • The multiwavelength properties of a sample of magellanic cloud and galactic supersoft X-ray binaries 

      Odendaal, Alida (University of the Free State, 2015-02)
      English: Supersoft X-ray sources constitute a class of astronomical objects characterized by extremely high X-ray luminosities (~1037 erg s-1), and low ffective temperatures, typically 20-100 eV. The canonical model for ...
    • Municipal solid waste disposal site selection 

      Pawandiwa, Charity C. (University of the Free State, 2013-03-11)
      The exceptional growth in the urban population of cities in developing countries has mandated a critical analysis of urban waste management practices. In the context of increasing urban population density, sanitary landfill ...
    • MUNNIK, Lourens Albertus Petrus Anderson Inventory of documents 

      MUNNIK, Lourens Albertus Petrus Anderson (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of L.A.P.A. Munnik, National Party MPC, Aliwal North [1962-1972], MP Caledon [1972-1975], Durbanville [1979-1986], Administrator of the Cape Province [1975-1979], Minister of Health [1979-1980], Social Welfare ...