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    • Puo le demokrasi 

      Moleleki, Mohlomi (University of the Free State, 2003)
      English: The concept of democracy places the power to choose in the hands of the majority of a country’s voters over the age of eighteen and of sound mental health. Inherent in ideal democratic choices is a proper grasp ...
    • Taal en die magsdinamika van die Afrikaner: ’n antropologiese perspektief 

      Erasmus, Piet (University of the Free State, 2003)
      English: This article deals with the relation between language and power in the (re)production of Afrikaner culture. Against a historical background the author first considers current Afrikaners’ uncertainty about a ...
    • Taalbeleid aan universiteite in Suid-Afrika 

      Du Plessis, Theo (University of the Free State, 2003)
      English: This contribution outlines the current dilemma of Afrikaans-medium universities in South Africa in terms of language policy. Since no language policy norms have been published by the Minister of Education since ...