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    • Selling HIV/AIDS prevention: a case of mixed messages 

      Francis, Dennis; Rimensberger, Nicole (University of the Free State, 2005)
      English: This paper reports on a content analysis of three youth magazines, undertaken in order to establish whether the messages of loveLifeare diluted, contradicted or reinforced by such examples of popular youth culture. ...
    • Solid waste management in intensively farmed rural areas: a Western Cape case study 

      Van der Merwe, Hannes; Steyl, Ilse (University of the Free State, 2005)
      English: Waste control in intensively farmed and densely settled rural areas of South Africa poses a particular challenge to integrated waste management policy. In this case study, undertaken in the Western Cape, a survey ...
    • The use and potential commercial development of Athrixia phylicoides 

      Rampedi, Issac; Olivier, Jana (University of the Free State, 2005)
      English: Athrixia phylicoides (Asteraceae) is a plant indigenous to the north-eastern mountain ranges of South Africa. It has been harvested for generations by rural communities for use as a tea and a medicine as well as ...