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    • STEENKAMP, Willem Petrus Inventory of documents 

      STEENKAMP, Willem Petrus (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of W.P. Steenkamp, MP Namakwaland [1929-1938], Calvinia [1938-1943]; Senator [1946-1948].
    • STEYN, A.N. Inventory of documents 

      STEYN, A.N. (ARCA, 2018)
      Meeting minutes book National Party district management, Willowmore; transferred to PV 27, National Party Cape collection
    • STEYN, Colin Fraser Inventory of documents 

      STEYN, Colin Fraser (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of C.F. Steyn, National Party MP Vredefort [1915-1921],United Party MP Bloemfontein South [1921-1929], Bloemfontein City [1938-1953]; Senator Natal [1954-1955]; Minister of Justice [1939-1945]. Labour ...
    • STEYN, Daniël Wynand [Danie] Inventory of documents 

      STEYN, Daniël Wynand [Danie] (ARCA, 2018)
      [1980-1982], Minister of Education and Training [1982-1983], Mineral and Energy affairs [1983-1986], Economic Affairs and Technology [1986-1989].
    • STOFFBERG, Francina Susanna Aletta (Cinie) [Oumatjie] Inventory of documents 

      STOFFBERG, Francina Susanna Aletta (Cinie) [Oumatjie] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of F.S.A. Stoffberg, born Rosseau and married T.C. Stoffberg [1883] who became a senator [1928-1937]. After his death in 1937 Oumatjie Stoffberg became known for her efforts to relief the hardship of her fellow-man.
    • STOFFBERG, Theunis Christoffel Inventory of documents 

      STOFFBERG, Theunis Christoffel (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of T.C. Stoffberg, Transvaal Senator [1928-1937].
    • STRAUSS, A.F. Inventory of documents 

      STRAUSS, A.F. (ARCA, 2018)
      Two publications and a photographs
    • STRAUSS, Jacobus Gideon Nel Inventory of documents 

      STRAUSS, Jacobus Gideon Nel (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J.G.N. Strauss, South African Party MPC Transvaal [1929-1932], South African Party MP Germiston [1932-1934], United Party MP Germiston [1934-1938], Germiston South [1938-1943], Germiston District [1943-1957], ...
    • STYGER, P. Inventory of documents 

      STYGER, P. (ARCA, 2018)
      Newspaper clippings regarding Dr H.F. Verwoerd, Adv. BJ Vorster. D Tsafendas
    • SUTTON, William Morris [Bill] Inventory of documents 

      SUTTON, William Morris [Bill] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of W.M. Sutton, United Party MP Mooi River [1966-1977], New Republic Party MP Mooi River [1977-1980], Senator [1964-1966].
    • SWART, Charles Robberts Inventory of documents 

      SWART, Charles Robberts (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of C.R. Swart, Organising Secretary National Party Free State [1919-1928], MP Ladybrand [1923-1938], Winburg [1941-1958], Leader NP in the Free State [1940-1959], Leader of the House of Assembly [1954-1959], ...
    • TAYLOR, Catherine Dorothea [Cathy] Inventory of documents 

      TAYLOR, Catherine Dorothea [Cathy] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of C.D. Taylor, Confidential Secretary to the Editor of the Cape Argus [1950-1952], MPC [1954-1963], United Party Chief Whip, Chairman of the Party Caucus, Deputy Provincial Leader of the UP, MP Wynberg ...
    • TERBLANCHE, I.S. Inventory of documents 

      TERBLANCHE, I.S. (ARCA, 2018)
      Chairperson Management Division National Party constituency Maraisburg; Statement of Min. B.J. Schoeman pertaining to election of new Prime Minister on 13 September 1966
    • THERON, E. Inventory of documents 

      THERON, E. (ARCA, 2018)
      Chancellor of the University of the Western Cape; Professor in Social Work at the University of Stellenbosch; Chairperson of the Commission for Coloured Affairs (1973-1976); Articles, pamphlets, and periodicals
    • THOLE, H. Inventory of documents 

      THOLE, H. (ARCA, 2018)
      MPC for constituency Weenen, Natal; Member of the Grey Shirts Movement; Farmer, Greytown district; Documents pertaining to Grey Shirts Movement
    • THOMSON, Blyth Inventory of documents 

      THOMSON, Blyth (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of B. Thompson, Leader of the Nasionale Bondsparty.
    • THUYNSMA, Zacharias Andries Inventory of documents 

      THUYNSMA, Zacharias Andries (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of Z.A. Thuynsma, National Party MP Boshof [1933-1956]; Senator [1956-1968].
    • TOMLINSON, Frederik Rothmann (Prof) Inventory of documents 

      TOMLINSON, Frederik Rothmann (Prof) (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of F.R Tomlinson, Professor in Agricultural Economics at the University of Stellenbosch 1934; Professor Agricultural Economics University of Pretoria 1938;Commission regarding Socio-economic development of ...
    • TREURNICHT, Andries Petrus Inventory of documents 

      TREURNICHT, Andries Petrus (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of A.P. Treurnicht, National Party MP Waterberg [1971-1982], Conservative Party MP Waterberg [1982-1993], Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration and Education [1976-1978], Education and Training [1978-1979], ...
    • TROLLIP, Alfred Ernest Inventory of documents 

      TROLLIP, Alfred Ernest (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of A.E. Trollip, MPC Transvaal [1935-1938], United Party MP Brakpan [1938-1953], Bezuidenhout [1953-1958], Administrator of Natal [1958-1961], Minister of Labour [1961-1966], Immigration [1961-1966], Indian ...