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    • OBERHOLSTER, P.S. Inventory of documents 

      OBERHOLSTER, P.S. (ARCA, 2018)
      Founder of the National Party Branch in Douglas; Correspondence, circulars and information regarding inter alia the 1924 and other elections; pamphlets; photos
    • OLDFIELD, J.C. Inventory of documents 

      OLDFIELD, J.C. (ARCA, 2018)
      Minute book of the National Party – transferred to PV 21, NP OFS collection, file II 21
    • ORANGIA-UNIE Inventory of documents 

      ORANGIA-UNIE (ARCA, 2018)
      Papers of the Orangia-Unie, founded in 1906 under the leadership of Abraham Fischer. When the ORC received self-government in 1907, the Orangia-Unie became the ruling party. It played an important role in the National ...
    • OULD, C.R. Articles 

      OULD, C.R. (ARCA, 2018)
      Two articles regarding the strike in 1922 and the resignation of Minister H.C. Hull (1913)
    • PANSEGROUW, Jacobus Stephanus [Kosie] Inventory of documents 

      PANSEGROUW, Jacobus Stephanus [Kosie] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J.S. Pansegrouw, National Party MPC Rouxville [1954-1964], MP Smithfield [1964-1975], Commissioner General South-Sotho [1975-1983].
    • PELZER, A.N. Speech 

      PELZER, A.N. (ARCA, 2018)
      Speech delivered at special National Party Congress, Parow
    • PIENAAR, C.A. Inventory of documents 

      PIENAAR, C.A. (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of C.A. Pienaar, Member of the Ossewa-Brandwag movement.
    • PIENAAR, M. Photographs 

      PIENAAR, M. (ARCA, 2018)
      Three photographs – Adv JG Strydom and Genl L Botha
    • PIROW, Oswald Inventory of documents 

      PIROW, Oswald (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of O. Pirow, MPC Transvaal [1917-1920], NP MP Durban North [1924-1929], NP MP Gezina [1929-1934], UP MP Gezina [1934-1941], New Order MP Gezina [1941-1943], Senator [1929], Minister of Justice [1929-1933], ...
    • POTGIETER, Daniël Jacobus Inventory of documents 

      POTGIETER, Daniël Jacobus (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of D.J. Potgieter, Private Secretary of Dr. D.F. Malan [1941-1943], Financial Secretary NP [1944], Secretary NP Natal [1945-1952], MPC Dundee [1949-1953], MP Vryheid [1953-1966].
    • POTGIETER, T.D. Inventory of documents 

      POTGIETER, T.D. (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of T.D. Potgieter. MPC Raadsaal [Bloemfontein] and Member of the Presidents Council.
    • PRETORIUS, Jacobus Willem Francois [Kosie] Inventory of documents 

      PRETORIUS, Jacobus Willem Francois [Kosie] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J.W.F. Pretorius, Secretary of the NP SWA [1960-1961], Deputy Chairman of the NP SWA [1977-1981], Chairman of the NP SWA [1981-1992], NP Member of the National Assembly SWA [1986-1992].
    • PRINSLOO, C. Inventory of documents 

      PRINSLOO, C. (ARCA, 2018)
      Information and photos regarding the Ossewa-Brandwag
    • PROGRESSIVE PARTY Inventory of documents 

      Papers of the Progressive Party. A split in the United Party in August 1959, led to the founding of the Progressive Party in November 1959 in Johannesburg. During the Parliamentary recess of 1975, the Progressive Party and ...
    • RAJBANSI, Amichand Inventory of documents 

      RAJBANSI, Amichand (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of A. Rajbansi, Member of the House of Delegates; Leader of the Minority Front Party.
    • RALL, Johannes Wilhelm Inventory of documents 

      RALL, Johannes Wilhelm (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J.W. Rall, National Party MP Newcastle [1959-1961], MP Bethal-Middelburg [1961-1975], Deputy Minister of Transport [1972-1975], Director Rondalia.
    • REID, E.C. Photographs 

      REID, E.C. (ARCA, 2018)
      Photographs – Sir Thomas Smartt; private secretaries of Ministers
    • REINECKE, CJ. Journal 

      REINECKE, CJ. (ARCA, 2018)
      Journal, NP Nuus
    • RHOODIE, E. Inventory of documents 

      RHOODIE, E. (ARCA, 2018)
      Secretary of Information (1 October 1972-1978); Editor of TO THE POINT since 1971; Publication: The third Africa
    • ROOD, W.H. Inventory of documents 

      ROOD, W.H. (ARCA, 2018)
      MP for Barberton (1924-1929); MP for Carolina (1929-1938); Periodical DIE NUWE ORDE