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    • KEYSER, D.J.P. Inventory of documents 

      KEYSER, D.J.P. (ARCA, 2018)
      Minute book NP - transferred to PV 21, NP OFS collection, files II 18 and II 34
    • KIERMAN, S Pamphlets 

      KIERMAN, S (ARCA, 2018)
    • KIRSTEN, W.G.P. Inventory of documents 

      KIRSTEN, W.G.P. (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of W.G.P. Kirsten, Member of the Legislative Assembly, SWA; MP, Gibeon, SWA.
    • DE KLERK, Frederik Willem Inventory of documents 

      DE KLERK, Frederik Willem (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of F.W. de Klerk, National Party MP Vereeniging [1972-1994], Minister of Post and Telecommunication [1978-1979], Social Welfare and Pensions [1978], Sport and Recreation [1978-1979], Mines [1979-1980], ...
    • DE KLERK, Johannes [Jan] Inventory of documents 

      DE KLERK, Johannes [Jan] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J. De Klerk, National Party MPC Transvaal [1949-1955], Senator [1955-1975], Minister Labour [1954-1961], Public Works [1954-1958], Mines [1958-1961], Interior [1961-1966], Immigration [1961], Education, ...
    • DE KOCK, Jan Hendrik Inventory of documents 

      DE KOCK, Jan Hendrik (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J.H. De Kock, National Party MPC Boshof [1970-1974], Bultfontein [1974].
    • KOORNHOF, Pieter Gerhardus Jacobus Inventory of documents 

      KOORNHOF, Pieter Gerhardus Jacobus (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of P.G.J. Koornhof, National Party MP Edenvale [1964-1966], Primrose [1966-1984], Minister of Immigration [1972-1976], Mines [1972-1976], Sport and Recreation [1972-1978], National Education [1976-1978], ...
    • KOTZÉ, Stephanus Francois [Pen] Inventory of documents 

      KOTZÉ, Stephanus Francois [Pen] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of S.P. Kotzé, MPC Bellville-Parow [1954-1958], National Party MP Parow [1958-1984], Ministerof Community Development and State Auxiliary Services [1980-1981], Community Development [1981-1984]
    • KOTZÉ, Willem Daniël Inventory of documents 

      KOTZÉ, Willem Daniël (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of W.D. Kotzé, National Party MP, Odendaalsrus [1970-1974], Parys [1974-1982], Ambassador in Bophuthatswana [1982-1992]
    • KöNIG,C.J. Inventory of documents 

      KöNIG, C.J. (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers mostly of the father of C.J. König, Michael König, who was a member of the Second Volksraad of the ZAR and a personal friend of President Paul Kruger.
    • KRAMER, Solly Inventory of documents 

      KRAMER, Solly (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of S. Kramer, National Party Candidate for Parktown during the general election of June 1929
    • KRIEL, S. Photograph 

      KRIEL, S. (ARCA, 2018)
      1 photograph (F9) – representatives to the Congress of the National Women’s Party
    • KRUGER, James Thomas [Jimmy] Inventory of documents 

      KRUGER, James Thomas [Jimmy] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J.T. Kruger, National Party MP Prinshof [1966-1979], Senator Nominated [1979-1980], President of the Senate [1979-1980], Deputy Minister of Police [1972-1974], Interior [ 1972-1974], Social Welfare and ...
    • L`ETANG, P.I.Inventory of documents 

      L`ETANG, P.I. (ARCA, 2018)
      Information regarding immigrants from Mauritius to Natal; family photos
    • LAMPRECHT, D.S. Inventory of documents 

      LAMPRECHT, D.S. (ARCA, 2018)
      Scrapbook of newspaper clippings on the election
    • LANGLEY, Thomas Inventory of documents 

      LANGLEY, Thomas (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of T. Langley, National Party MP, Waterkloof [1966-1983], Conservative Party MP, Soutpansberg [1984 - ]
    • LATEGAN, H.A. Inventory of documents 

      LATEGAN, H.A. (ARCA, 2018)
      Contains inter alia documents of the NP Women’s League, Kimberley
    • LE GRANGE, I.J. Pamplets 

      LE GRANGE, I.J. (ARCA, 2018)
      15 pamphlets moved to pamphlet collection
    • LE GRANGE, Louis Inventory of documents 

      LE GRANGE, Louis (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of L. le Grange, National Party MP Potchefstroom [1966-1987], Deputy Minister of Information [1975-1978], Interior [1975-1978], Immigration [1978], Public Works [1978], Interior and Immigration [1978], ...
    • LE ROUX, Francois Jacobus Inventory of documents 

      LE ROUX, Francois Jacobus (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of F.J. le Roux, National Party MP, Brakpan [1972-1982], Conservative MP, Brakpan [1982- ]