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    • JACOBS, J.J. Inventory of documents 

      JACOBS, J.J. (ARCA, 2018)
      Minute book NP – transferred to PV 21, NP OFS collection, file II 4
    • JACOBS, S.J. Inventory of documents 

      JACOBS, S.J. (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of S.J. Jacobs, Secretary National Party, Cape Province.
    • JANSEN, Ernest George Inventory of documents 

      JANSEN, Ernest George (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of E.G. Jansen, leader National Party Natal, MP for Vryheid [1921-1943], Wolmaransstad [1947-1950], Speaker [1924-1929, 1933-1947], Minister of Native Affairs [1929-1933, 1948-1950], Editor New Era [1943-1947], ...
    • JANSEN, M.J. Inventory of documents 

      JANSEN, M.J. (ARCA, 2018)
      Information on the functions of the NP and the OFS Agricultural Union, Koppies
    • JANSEN, Martha Mabel Inventory of documents 

      JANSEN, Martha Mabel (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of M.M. Jansen, founder member of the Afrikaanse Taalbond in Natal and the first woman to become a member of the Academy for Language, Literature and Art. She was editor for the woman's section of Die Landbou ...
    • JERLING, Jacobus Daniël Inventory of documents 

      JERLING, Jacobus Daniël (ARCA, 2018)
      Private paper of J.D. Jerling, member of the Ossewa-Brandwag, with the rank of Assistant-Commandant-General.
    • JONKER, Abraham Hendrik Inventory of documents 

      JONKER, Abraham Hendrik (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of A.H. Jonker, MP United Party, Cape Town Gardens [1948-1954], National Conservative Party, Cape Town Gardens [1954-1958], National Party, Fort Beaufort [1958-1966], author of several Afrikaans novels, ...
    • JOOSTE, C.J. Inventory of documents 

      JOOSTE, C.J. (ARCA, 2018)
      Minute book NP – transferred to PV 55, NP Natal collection, files I 23-24 and 37
    • JOOSTE, Gerhardus Petrus Inventory of documents 

      JOOSTE, Gerhardus Petrus (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of G.P. Jooste, Ambassador USA [1949-1954], High Commissioner London [1954-1956], Secretary for Foreign Affairs [1956-1966].
    • JOOSTE, N.J.J. Inventory of documents 

      JOOSTE, N.J.J. (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of N.J.J. Jooste, Private Secretary of Genl. Hertzog[1935], Ambassador in several countries [1946-1970].
    • JOOSTE, S.J.J. Inventory of documents 

      JOOSTE, S.J.J. (ARCA, 2018)
      Minute book NP - transferred to PV 27, NP Cape collection, file 1
    • JOUBERT, I. Inventory of documents 

      JOUBERT, I. (ARCA, 2018)
      Minute book NP Brandfort - transferred to PV 21, NP OFS collection; 1Photographs
    • JUNIOR RAPPORTRYERS Inventory of documents 

      Correspondence, minutes etc. of the different corps
    • KEYSER, D.J.P. Inventory of documents 

      KEYSER, D.J.P. (ARCA, 2018)
      Minute book NP - transferred to PV 21, NP OFS collection, files II 18 and II 34
    • KIERMAN, S Pamphlets 

      KIERMAN, S (ARCA, 2018)
    • KIRSTEN, W.G.P. Inventory of documents 

      KIRSTEN, W.G.P. (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of W.G.P. Kirsten, Member of the Legislative Assembly, SWA; MP, Gibeon, SWA.
    • DE KLERK, Frederik Willem Inventory of documents 

      DE KLERK, Frederik Willem (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of F.W. de Klerk, National Party MP Vereeniging [1972-1994], Minister of Post and Telecommunication [1978-1979], Social Welfare and Pensions [1978], Sport and Recreation [1978-1979], Mines [1979-1980], ...
    • DE KLERK, Johannes [Jan] Inventory of documents 

      DE KLERK, Johannes [Jan] (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J. De Klerk, National Party MPC Transvaal [1949-1955], Senator [1955-1975], Minister Labour [1954-1961], Public Works [1954-1958], Mines [1958-1961], Interior [1961-1966], Immigration [1961], Education, ...
    • DE KOCK, Jan Hendrik Inventory of documents 

      DE KOCK, Jan Hendrik (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of J.H. De Kock, National Party MPC Boshof [1970-1974], Bultfontein [1974].
    • KOORNHOF, Pieter Gerhardus Jacobus Inventory of documents 

      KOORNHOF, Pieter Gerhardus Jacobus (ARCA, 2018)
      Private papers of P.G.J. Koornhof, National Party MP Edenvale [1964-1966], Primrose [1966-1984], Minister of Immigration [1972-1976], Mines [1972-1976], Sport and Recreation [1972-1978], National Education [1976-1978], ...