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    • Retrospektiewe vervreemding van tegnologiese media: animasieprosesse by William Kentridge 

      Opperman, Johannes Arnoldus (University of the Free State, 2013-01)
      English: Although the South-African artist, William Kentridge has practised his creativity in many domains (as observer, activist, artist, storyteller and thinking director) in a wide range of media (including land art, ...
    • Selfaanbieding: Rembrandt en die gebroke-kosmiese tradisie 

      Joubert, Jeanne Annette Jacqueline (University of the Free State, 2009-03)
      English: This research ensued from a prior thesis — Artist's portrait and self-portrait: the art historical traces of artistic self-presentation (M.A. University of he Free State, 1992) — and was supplemented by a growing ...