Recent Submissions

  • God is sage: human cognition and metaphorical conceptualisation in Biblical Hebrew wisdom 

    Schmidt, Nicolaas Fryer (University of the Free State, 2016-01)
    English: The theme focuses on how sages pictured THE DIVINE in the Biblical Hebrew text of Proverbs. The research problem questions the way in which Israelite-Jewish sages conceptualised God metaphorically by means of ...
  • Spatial cognition and the death metaphor in the Hebrew Bible 

    Lamprecht, Adriaan (University of the Free State, 2015-01)
    ENGLISH: This study introduces a cognitive semantic approach to Biblical Hebrew linguistics with important implications for Biblical Hebrew semantic study, Biblical Hebrew lexicography, Bible interpretation and translation, ...
  • A descriptive analysis of Septuagint Micah 

    Modugno, Steve Michael (University of the Free State, 2015-07)
    English: This study combines the strengths of both Septuagint Studies and Translation Studies to describe Septuagint Micah. It employs rigorous text critical tools and methods to assess translation errors that resulted ...