Recent Submissions

  • Continuity and change: an evaluation of the democracy-foreign policy nexus in post-apartheid South Africa 

    Hudson, Heidi (Faculty of the Humanities, University of the Free State, 2010-09)
    If foreign policy is viewed as an “intermestic” arena where the external meets the internal, then it becomes possible to see how internal domestic factors drive foreign policy making. In this context the democracy-foreign ...
  • The rhetorical imprint from a constructivist perspective 

    Cawood, Stephanie; De Wet, Johann C. (Department of Communication Science, University of the Free State, 2014)
    The rhetorical imprint, ideal for probing the rhetoric of a single rhetor, is defined as a unified set of characteristics that function at the manifest and latent levels of rhetoric. From a constructivist viewpoint, this ...