Recent Submissions

  • The application of new technologies in conservation genetics 

    Labuschagne, Christiaan De Jager (University of the Free State, 2016-01)
    English: Over the past decade, the development of high-throughput DNA techniques has expanded the scope of conservation genetics and molecular markers have become indispensable tools for the management of wildlife species ...
  • Taxonomy of the Genus Lycium L. (Solanaceae) in Africa 

    Venter, Andor Margaretha (University of the Free State, 2000-06)
    No abstract available.
  • The development of Lachenalia cultivars 

    Kleynhans, Riana (University of the Free State, 2013-09)
    The floriculture and ornamental industry is constantly looking for new products. South Africa is blessed with an exceptional rich bio-diversity and many South African plants have found their way onto international markets. ...
  • Genetic control of wood properties of Pinus patula in southern Africa 

    Nel, André (University of the Free State, 2013)
    English: Pinus patula is the most widely planted softwood species in Southern Africa and is utilised for various solid wood and pulp and paper products. Tree improvement programmes for forestry species started in Southern ...
  • Metabolic aspects of the early response of leaf rust-infected wheat 

    Huang, Ju-Chi (University of the Free State, 2008)
    English: The aim of this study was to study various aspects of the defence response of wheat infected by Puccinia triticina. SSH was used to isolate differentially expressed cDNA fragments from P. triticina infected wheat. ...
  • Managing gene flow: a prerequisite for recombinant DNA biotechnology 

    Chetty, Lukeshni (University of the Free State, 2008)
    Over centuries, crop domestication and improvement has led to modern commercial agriculture. Agricultural biotechnology is considered by many a natural step in the course of crop improvement by utilizing genetic engineering. ...