Recent Submissions

  • Preface 

    Louw, D. A.; Fouché, J. B. (University of the Free State, 2010)
    Abstract not available
  • Reflective learning in training mental health practitioners 

    Roos, Vera; Kitching, Ansie (University of the Free State, 2010)
    English: This article explores the critical, collective reflections that promoted the learning process. Action research has been applied to gather data by means of observation, individual interviews and video recordings. ...
  • Teaching for transformation: the use of narrative metaphor to develop reflexive professionals 

    Sliep, Yvonne (University of the Free State, 2010)
    English: This article emphasises the importance of developing critical reflexivity in professionals. Higher education in South Africa is still shaped by socio-economic and political inequalities. This article suggests that ...
  • Creating a culture of thinking? Reflections on teaching an undergraduate Critical Social Psychology course 

    Kiguwa, Peace; Canham, Hugo (University of the Free State, 2010)
    English: This article is a retrospective reflection on the experience of teaching a newly introduced third-year Critical Social Psychology course at the University of the Witwatersrand. Student evaluations and course ...
  • In search of a metaphor for the ever-eluding obligation of academic publishing 

    Hoffman, Lyzette (University of South Africa, 2010)
    English: Universities have an obligation to serve the community in producing knowledge. In addition, the investment of the government in tertiary education in the form of subsidies should be repaid by furthering scientific ...
  • Facilitating the emancipation of the learner 

    Van Deventer, Vasi (University of the Free State, 2010)
    English: Learner independency focuses on the learner’s ability to take responsibility for and to manage his/her learning processes. But this conceptualisation lacks an important component, namely the consideration of the ...
  • Towards an appropriate pedagogy for community psychology: the University of South Africa experience 

    Fourie, Eduard; Segalo, Puleng; Terre Blanche, Martin (University of the Free State, 2010)
    English: This article describes a new approach to teaching community psychology. Rather than attempting to “transmit” a body of knowledge, students’ intellectual and creative abilities are drawn upon to recruit them for ...
  • The textbook as conversational partner 

    Bakker, Terri; Eskell-Blokland, Linda; Ruane, Ilse (University of the Free State, 2010)
    English: Undergraduate teaching in psychology relies heavily on textbooks. Once the text- book has been selected, lecturers tend to relax. Modern textbooks include ready-made slides and test banks. All the information the ...
  • Critical reflections on collecting class attendance registers in large psychology classes 

    Thatcher, Andrew; Rosenstein, David; Grootenhuis, Geertjie-Kieke; Haiden, Gillian (University of the Free State, 2010)
    English: The general impression among academic staff is that non- attendance of lectures is adversely affecting students’ academic performance. This study reflects on the impact of using data collectors to collect data on ...