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    • The mixed legacy underlying Rawls's Theory of justice 

      Strauss, D. F. M. (Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, 2006-06)
      English: The Theory of justice advanced by Rawls must be understood within the context of factual legal approaches (such as positivism and pragmatism) that eliminated normative considerations. By contrast, Rawls argues for ...
    • The role of rural women in mitigating water scarcity 

      Sigenu, Kholisa (University of the Free State, 2006-11)
      English: Due to water scarcity in the world and its effect on rural women, the aim of the study was to document the strategies of rural women in Ndonga and their role in mitigating water scarcity with an aim of providing ...
    • Visual communication - a transcendental empirical-perspective 

      Strauss, D. F. M. (Department of Communication Science, University of the Free State, 2010)
      The recent pictorial turn, succeeded by a visual turn, led to a new appreciation of visual communication in human culture. Communication is normally associated with subjectsubject rela tions. The qualification “visual” ...