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    • Experimental and computational study of S segregation in Fe 

      Barnard, Pieter Egbert (University of the Free State, 2012-06)
      A systematic study was conducted to investigate the diffusion and segregation of S in bcc Fe using (i) DFT modelling and (ii) the experimental techniques Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) and XRay diffraction (XRD). The ...
    • The segregation of indium from polycrystalline copper crystals 

      Madito, Moshawe Jack (University of the Free State, 2012-02)
      In this study the surface segregation of In from a dilute Cu(In) alloy to the surface was investigated. The Cu(In) alloy was prepared by diffusion doping. A thin layer of In was deposited onto the backside of a polycrystalline ...