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KovsieScholar is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes open access digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organisation's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Van der Watt, Elmarie (University of the Free State, 1999-11)
    English: In the folk medicine of South Africa, many traditional medicinal plants are used by both the rural and a small percentage of the city population. One of these plants is Carpobrotus edulis L. An investigation of ...
  • Venter, Gertruida C. (University of the Free State, 2000-05)
    English: The Upper Orange River is defined as the region between the source in the Drakensberg (Lesotho) and the Orange-Vaal confluence. Information on the water quality, phytoplankton composition and the influence of ...
  • Schmahl, Sylvia Jacqueline (University of the Free State, 2000-06)
    English: Although sound, rhythm and lexical organization are accepted as poetic strategies in existing research, no effort is made to explain this supposition. Therefore, an attempt was made by the Science of Literature ...
  • Reyneke, Roelf (University of the Free State, 2004)
    English: This article discusses how participatory action research may be used as a method of empowering communities. Attention is paid to the value of such research within the welfare context as well as to the underlying ...
  • Coetsee, Christa (University of the Free State, 1999-03)
    English: The ophiostomatoid fungi are found worldwide on a wide variety of substrates. The group is economically important due to the pathogenicity of some species on important crops and trees. The success of these fungi ...

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